Sam Doyle

1906 – 1985 (South Carolina, USA)

Renowned Gullah folk artist from the St Helena Island community, whose elegant roofing-tin portraits of local notables and Black icons adorned his home and inspired Jean-Michel Basquiat. The work on display features a local healer, one of several regularly portrayed by the artist.

Collections: AFAM (New York); High Museum (Atlanta); LACMA (California).
Exhibitions: Outliers and American Vanguard Art (2018), National Gallery of Art (Washington DC); Sam Doyle: The Mind’s Eye (2014), LACMA; Local Heroes (2000), High Museum (Atlanta).
Publications: Souls Grown Deep (2000 & 2001), P & W Arnett. The New Encyclopaedia of Southern Culture (2013), WG Bailey. Local Heroes (2000), L Spriggs.