Mary T Smith

1904 - 1995 (MISSISSIPPI, USA)

Sharecropper’s daughter who peopled the perimeter of her beloved homestead with corrugated tin cut-outs, cryptic script and a raw brushed aesthetic. A pioneer of hearing-impaired image-making, the artist has recently been featured in shows by artist Alvaro Barrington and curator Daniel Soutif.

Collections: Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York); Georgia Museum of Art (Georgia).
Exhibitions: Souls Grown Deep like the Rivers (2023), Royal Academy of Arts (London); My Soul Has Grown Deep (2018), Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York).
Publications: Souls Grown Deep Like the Rivers (2023), AL Maxwell, P Goodwin & R Lampkins - Fielder; Souls Grown Deep (2000), W & P Arnett; My Soul Has Grown Deep (2018), RR Griffey.