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Francis Marshall and the Beautiful People

02.07.17 > 10.09.17

Living on the outskirts of Paris, FRANCIS MARSHALLʼs mysterious practice is inextricably intertwined with his unconventional life. Working over forty-years to create a society of more than four-hundred figurative sculptures, his oeuvre exists in a world of its own.

Championed by Alain Bourbonnais, the legendary founder of La Fabuloserie, MARSHALL's work was first made public in 1973 at Atelier Jacob in Paris. Since then he has been exhibited at the Musee dʼArt Modern (France), The American Visionary Art Museum (USA) and at Hayward Gallery in the seminal Outsiders exhibition in 1979.

Through the eyes of the visionary refugee artist JOHNSON WEREE, all are beautiful. Working from a community library and living without a permanent home, WEREEʼs practice involves drawing from early morning until late at night creating surreal and otherworldly portraits of imagined subjects.