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Royal Hospital, Chelsea Embankment, London
28.06.2022 > 06.07.2022

Opening this week at the Royal Hospital Chelsea, The Gallery of Everything presents its inaugural exhibition at Masterpiece London.

The acclaimed fair of art, antiquities and design offers a new context for The Gallery of Everything, which has curated a salon of artists, artworks and objects from the alternative histories of art and culture.

Featured artists include:

William Edmondson: the first African American artist to be exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

John Miles of Northleach: the Gloucestershire artist whose biblical masterwork is The Naming of the Animals.

George Ohr: the turn-of-the-century Mississippi potter, now considered a pioneer of three-dimensional abstraction.

Josef Karl Rädler: the Viennese porcelain painter who documented his life in an astonishing diary of text and visual.

Janet Sobel: the Ukrainian artist who explored folkloric themes and inspired Jackson Pollock with her innovative technique of dripping paint onto canvas from above.

Scottie Wilson: the notorious and ubiquitous doodler who rose to fame through his associations with ELT Messens.

Anna Zemánková: the self-taught Czech artist who drew, shaded and stitched a spiritualist botany into being.

Aloys Zötl: the home-schooled illustrator whose lifetime bestiary was celebrated by André Breton and the surrealists.

Additional artworks include:

Pages from The Book of Miracles, a visionary 16th century illuminated manuscript (and published in 2018 by Taschen).

A pair of painted shoetrees by pop artist Sir Peter Blake, originally shown as part of his cult 1950’s work, The Locker.

A rediscovered master painting depicting the ancestors of Jesus rising in a tree from the body of the father of King David.

For artists and works for sale, please contact the gallery.