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Cold Snap

The Gallery of Everything
11.12.22 - 15.01.23

The Gallery of Everything announces a short seasonal exhibition, COLD SNAP, featuring a range of works referring to the tropes and obsessions of this winter period.

Centred around an installation of vintage snowflakes by pioneering microphotographer Wilson Bentley, the exhibition also includes angelic depictions by African-American post-folklorists, Minnie Evans and Sister Gertrude Morgan, and two mighty incarnations of the classic American Santa Claus cliché by Howard Finster and Jake McCord.

Other featured artists include: Scottie Wilson (1889-1972), Joseph Jean-Laurent (1893-1976), Pete Drgac (1883 - 1976), Leroy Almon (1938-1997) and Drago Jurak (1911-1944).