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Full of Days

Hermione Burton and Andy Holden

19.03.23 > 30.04.23

The Gallery of Everything is pleased to announce an exhibition with the artist Andy Holden.

Full of Days is an investigation into the relationship between art, life and mortality through the paintings and writings of Hermione Burton, a self-taught artist whose works were uncovered by Holden in a local charity shop in Bedford in 2017.

Upstairs in the gallery space, Holden curates Hermione's personal opus drawn from her imagined retrospective. Downstairs, Hermione is re-animated as the subject of Holden's analytical docu-fiction film, Kingdom of the Sick

Across the gallery, additional images and clips bring further depth to the dialogue. They invite the viewer to consider Hermione's life and legacy, and perhaps also, that of any private or non-academic artist whose art is identified and celebrated posthumously. 

The Gallery of Everything and Andy Holden would like to thank Sarah Cracknell and St Etienne for their support in the making of the film Kingdom of the Sick.

Available works for sale include limited edition prints and objects created by Holden. For further information please contact the gallery or click here.

For further information about the artist Andy Holden, please visit www.andyholdenartist.com.